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Bingham County Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bingham County and surrounding areas. Currently there are thousands of pictures and historical items either on display at 190 N Shilling or being organized at the BCHS Archives at 121 N Shilling in Blackfoot, ID.

The goal of the BCHS is to eventually have all the items cataloged, digitized and available for the public on our web-site.

Our staff and Board of Directors are all unpaid volunteers who serve because of their passion for preserving the history of Bingham County. The future projects that we are able to complete are all dependant on the revenue we are able to raise. We have various books and pictures that can be purchased at the Archives and we have periodic fundraisers to help reach our goals.

An important aspect of our fundraising effort is the recruiting of "Sustaining Members."

The concept of sustaining membership is not new but is a valuable tool that allows the business community of the county to invest in the valuable program of preserving the past.

Our organization is a 501(c) 3 federal exempt entity and all contributions are deductible.
Our Society:
"Volunteers to help further the mission of the Bingham County Historical Society are needed and welcome"

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